I LOVE my work!

marileeNumerous clients of mine, have grown up in various places around the globe. My style is very interactive and straight forward. As my client, your history is important for me to understand so that I can be more effective in helping you be more effective in the present. There are many tools in my “tool box” to help you be more effective in leading the kind of life you want to live. To me… mental health is about having a comfortable, productive, balance of work, play, creativity, rest, food, and meaningful connection with others. Are your values consistent with your behavior? Together we will identify your main concerns and develop a plan to help you reach your goals.

My history of helping people began as I was working on my Bachelors Degree in psychology. Working at a group home for adolescent girls was quite an experience. These girls came from troubled backgrounds. It was fabulous to be able to connect with them and help sort out some of their concerns related to their family circumstances. We counselors, provided individual and group therapy. We also supervised the kids completing school work andhousehold chores.

While working on my Masters Degree, my internships included the counseling center at the University of Northern Colorado. I also facilitated at contract between the University and the psychiatric ward of North Colorado Medical Center. It was important to have clinical experience as part of my education. Volunteering for the crisis phone line at the university was another aspect of my education.

After receiving my Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling, I moved to Oklahoma to work in a Community Mental Health Center in western Oklahoma. The small community was full of kind, hospitable, and very sweet people. My fortune was to be able to offer guidance to help individuals, teens, couples, and families to create more comfortable, emotionally fulfilling lives for themselves. Being “on call” provided tremendous experience in managing all sorts of crises.

My next opportunity was working at a youth and family center in Norman, Oklahoma. Creating a “runaway and homeless youth” program was a very exciting endeavor. This was a very rewarding time for me. The problems each family experienced were unique, and to various degrees, challenging. Many families received tremendous assistance by our center and the talented professionals who worked there.

1989 was a monumental year for me. My new job was in The Denver Technological Center. YEA!!! Driving the U-Haul truck back home was a thrill. My new position was with a Community Mental Health Center. My work included play therapy with little people, adults, couples, and families. Group therapy was a stimulating and always interesting. This is where my training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) became a amazing addition to my therapeutic skills “toolbox”. DBT is a major piece of my practice with my clients.

Receiving training in the utilization of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and facilitating a DBT group was an amazing experience. Then I contracted with another group practice to facilitate a DBT group. So many of the people, who were referred to my group, made some powerful changes in their lives! Many of my clients were so inspiring to me and to other group members. The healing milieu was consistent and caring. There were many “goose bump moments” for me. This was a very healing time for so many of my clients!

My transition to private practice was facilitated by contracting for two different group practices in Denver. By 1997 I began creating my private practice. With a colleague, we facilitated a women’s therapy group. That was a very rewarding time. This lovely colleague gifted me the use of her office while I quickly grew my own practice and  moved to my own office space.

In 2000 a team of professionals participated in a think tank to create a cutting edge protocol to treat Bipolar Disorder. Our team accumulated a tremendous amount of information. We presented our findings to clinicians of a tri-county region in Denver. In 2001 I attended “The Second Biennial Conference of Bipolar Disorder” hosted by the University of Pittsburg Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic. This conference was extremely stimulating. This is where I learned about IPSRT, a treatment method for those with Bipolar Disorder.

Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) training is another therapeutic skill I have acquired. This treatment protocol has been very effective in dissolving traumatic damage of many of my clients. The decrease in anxiety, depression, panic, insomnia, hyper vigilance is remarkable. Remarkable relief is experienced my many of my clients who have experienced various degrees of trauma. It is a delight for these individuals to be able to shed the restriction of fear, and move forward comfortably into their lives.

Over the years I have supervised students who are seeking a “Professional Counselor” licensure. This is a rewarding endeavor. We all learn a great deal from each other. It would be a pleasure to facilitate any students towards licensed status.

Everyone needs help once in awhile. Let me help you create a more satisfying life for your self.

Thanks so much for your inquisitive nature. Hopefully, my biography helps you understand my professional background.

I LOVE my work! If you are in need of guidance, let me help you improve the quality of your life.

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Wishing you the best in all endeavors!

Marilee Boe, M.A., L.P.C.